How To Care For Your Voice

As a guitar player, you can’t avoid singing.  In the band you cannot just be the guitar player, it is also good that you also sing.  And if you’re planning to sing you should also know how to care for your voice.  So here are some essential tips to care for your voice.

You should never ever eat before using.  If you’re going to sing, avoid the following foods like dairy Products, alcohol and junk foods, and salty and spicy foods.  Luke warm drinks like tea can be good for your fault before performance.  Honey and hard candy can relax your throat before a performance so make sure you have candies.  You can also try gurgling with baking soda or salt water to relax your throat.  And once your are out there to perform you should saying with feel, passion and emotion.  Sing it like you mean it.  It’s not about just singing because matter of fact singing is also communication.  It’s not all about having a good voice, but it is also about how you convey your message to what the audience while you’re singing.  A good singer should know how to let the audience feel the emotion of the song.

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