Legal Disclosures

Please find our directory of legal disclosures here.    We have given you a quick description of what each of these disclosures are, but you can click for the attorney jargon – especially if you need to go to sleep

Spam” refers electronic communications that are unsolicited and sent in bulk, usually for a commercial purpose. Spam is an irritant to regular users and a significant problem for many organisations.  We do not spam.

A copyright notice is a notice of statutorily prescribed form that informs users of the underlying claim to copyright ownership in a published work. Copyright is a form of protection provided by US law to authors of “original works of authorship”.  Give credit where credit is due and don’y steal someone else’s stuff.  We will always try to ensure that material is properly accredited here.  Please let us know if we made a mistake.

What to do if we have a copyright infraction

Makes sure we play by the rules in our advertising and in our reviews.

Your privacy is important!  We do not share, sell, or spam your info.  We also do not market to those age 13 or younger.

This is our social media  list of rules for conduct.  It spells out prohibited content and actions.

Our Terms and Conditions are the rules by which you must agree to abide in order to use our website.   This is our sandbox, our toys, and you have to play by our rules.