The Bass Guitar

Maybe playing the acoustic guitar is not for you.  Although it is worth learning, there’s always an option.  You could always try playing the bass guitar.  The bass guitar plays low notes that accompany a song or a rhythm.  A bass guitar is available in four stings, five strings and six strings.  But there also 10 string models but that is very ridiculous for beginners.  For beginners, it is good to start four strings.  From the highest note, the bass strings are G, D, A, and E.  How do you play the bass?

Well, you could always use a pick and strum it like how you strum a guitar.  Are you could always pluck it.  For beginners, you could always play single notes and in synchronized manner with the drums.  In playing the bass guitar, their very first important thing that you should learn is how to follow time signatures.  Because bass guitar playing went heavily rely on that.  It is important that the bass guitar doesn’t go out off tempo.  Because in the first place, bass guitar keeps the tempo together with the drums.  So it is always good to practice with a metronome and start with slow tempo and gradually raise the notch up a bit

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