The Best Guitar Amps For Blues Music

The tone that your guitar produces is very much dependent on the type of amplifier that you’re using.  You don’t just use any amplifier and expect specific tonal quality and output.  There are specific amplifiers that you could use on a specific type of music that you will be playing.  And if we’re talking about blues music, you certainly need a specific amplifier to produce that authentic blues tone.  That is why I’m compiling my top three guitar amplifiers for blues music.

  1. Fender deluxe reverb- of all the other amplifiers, this could be the most popular in terms of blues music.  What doesn’t want a fender deluxe reverb?  Not only for the blues, decisions also use this on different types of music like rock and roll, pop and indie and many more.
  2. Fender super verb-regarded as the ultimate Stratocaster amplifier.  Used by the legendary Stevie ray Vaughn on most of his live performances and recordings.  It is also called the black face.  It is also perfect for single coil guitars.
  3. Marshall 1962 blues breaker- this amplifier is based on the JTM45 and was used by the legendary Eric Clapton.  This baby right here, when paired up with a Gibson Les Paul, sounds really awesome.  Also popularly called the sound of “god” himself.
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